Saturday 11 October 2014

First Halloween Manicure

Halloween Patchwork Nails

Hello my lovelies, hope you've all had a good week. The weeks seemed to be going quicker than ever!! So I thought it was time to do my first Halloween manicure. Now you all know how much I love my Patchwork nails, so I thought, oh why not do a Halloween version, and I admit two of the polishes I have used for this are out of my comfort zone for colours, although I do use them in my normal patchwork nails, or rainbow nails. But I use a smaller amount of polish than I have today.

Wet 'n' Wild Lime Time, Beauty UK Jelly Bean and Jess Satsuma. I started out with two coats of Lime Time and added a Matte topcoat. I do this as I have a thing for matte looking nails at the moment, and Its easier to get a smoother finish when painting you nails, and using paint.

Then with some tape cut into small rectangles, and then cut from corner to corner to make a long triangle, I stuck these to the middle of each nail.

Carefully painted the bottom of my nail with the orange polish, and the tip with purple, and removed the tape while the polish was still wet.

Using black acrylic paint and a very thin striping brush, I added some detail.

Then added the stitches..

And finally after a small amount of cleaning up, finished with a matte topcoat.

Such an easy nail art to do, and I think the matte finish looks better than a glossy one for these colours, adds to the effect. Hope you like it as much as I do, and feel free to have a go yourself :)

Thanks for dropping by and till next time, stay safe and much love...


  1. Loved watching the transformation as I scrolled down! They look amazing, you did a fantastic job xx