Sunday 31 August 2014

Fun in the Sun!

Sun inspired Water Marble

Hey all again, I wasn't expecting to be doing my nails again so soon, but as I wasn't really keen on the colour blocking mani from yesterday and wanted to try the Beauty UK Tropical polish collection for a water marbled mani, and there is a Fun in the Sun themed nail art going on today on facebook, I thought why not. The polish wasn't the problem for the colour blocking, it was my personal preference to how they looked. Just being fussy lol.

From the 6 polishes I only used 3 for the Sun inspired water marble.

For me these 3 polishes are so Summer colours, and look so pretty next to each other. I wanted to do a soft looking sun burst design with no sharp lines. So I drew a flower in the rings of polish and dipped to get half the petals on my nails.

Without topcoat

With topcoat
Just look how the colours look different in the sun to the shade, so pretty and a shiny finish even before I finished them with a topcoat. As like all the other polishes I have from Beauty UK, these work really well for water marbling :)
You can get the Tropical polish Collection from Beauty UK or Superdrug Stores and online.
I do love me a water marble and will hopefully be doing some Autumn inspired ones in the coming months.
Thanks for stopping by, stay safe and much love...

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