Tuesday 29 July 2014

Moyou Nails Review *part 3*

Part 3 of the new Moyou Plates

Hello again, and here is my last part of my review on the new Moyou Nails stamping plates I was sent. I have used all the plates now and spent most of yesterday doing this review. I did say in part 2 of my review that the images on these new plates are bigger. Take a look for yourselves..

And to remind you of the plates I'm reviewing.. All images and stamping polishes in this review are from Moyou Nails.

So onto the nails. First up is my Chalkboard noughts and crosses. I painted my nails black and added a matte topcoat to give a chalkboard look.

Now I also wanted to show you how much better the Moyou Nails white stamping polish is against the Konad white. The pinky and ring finger is Konad and the rest is Moyou Nails. You can see how much whiter the Moyou Nails one is, I also think I scraped too much polish off the image and that's why I have spots within the stamped image. But I still think the Moyou polish is the best.

For the next mani I used two images, the flowers from plate 126 and the clouds from plate 127. I made a blue and green gradient on my nails with acrylic paint and a fan brush, for a grass and sky look. To make a Summers Day Manicure.

I stamped the flowers with pink polish and the clouds in white.

Next up is plate 109. A Masquerade Mask plate. Black and white nails, with pink, white and black stamping.

For the final mani, this is my favourite one too :) I've called this Fire and Ice as I used the snowflakes and flames images. I even took the photo in the freezer!!

Overall I love these new plates, a great range of different images and the polishes stamp so well. Moyou have just released new stamping  polishes as well, head over to their website and take a look at all these new products, and don't forget you can keep up to date with Moyou Nails by following them on Facebook.
Thanks for reading and until next time stay safe and much love...