Saturday 28 June 2014

Textured Glitter

What to do on my nails....

Hello all, a late and quickish post today as I have lost all inspiration for nail art :( Shopping this morning and only came home with a cake, no pretty polish waiting for me to buy them!
I have painted my nails 3 times today and each time flaffed with them and didn't like what I'd done. I did however like this colour very much..

An awesome neon pink from Jess polish in Poundland. I have worn this before, but this time I added a stamp design and really didn't like it. So off this came. I finally decided on Gosh Textured Matt Glitter in Frosted Purple.

I wouldn't call this a purple polish as its more silver. A smooth textured finish and packed with loads of silver glitter. This is just one coat and it applies really nice with a quick drying time. 
I'm hoping I get some inspiration back next week, as I'm not one to leave my nails plain. Till then stay safe and much love. Have a great weekend...


  1. That's nice! I've got that one too and I enjoyed wearing it :)

  2. Awh Tracey I have my moments of being stuck for inspiration and it bugs the hell out of me when I try something and it doesn't work out lol but there is always a new day to try something else :) these swatches are really nice and I do love the Jess one I have that one too. hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Dawn. It is very fustrating especially with all the polish and bits I have! The Jess pink is a stunning neon :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you it is an amazing neon pink :)