Wednesday 25 June 2014

Moyou Nails Review

Moyou Nails

Happy Wednesday everyone and hello again! I have been very busy with things here, but managed to find the time for another review for Moyou Nails. I have another 2 stamping plates and pink stamping polish to share with you today. Knowing how well the black and white stamping polish from Moyou Nails works, I couldn't wait to see if the pink was just as good. 

Plate 97 have the most awesome written images on, great for doing print nails without having to mess around with pieces of newspaper! The other plate N23 has some very pretty swirl and floral images, and a nice heart one which would be good for a Valentines manicure.
For this review today I have used three different images and black, white and the pink polish. I used the small fine writing on plate 97 for all nails and 2 of the designs on N23. What do you think?

As you can see the pink stamping polish works really well over a black base, so from this I know all the other stamping polishes that Moyou sell would also work well over a dark polish base colour :) And the plate did not disappoint with how clean and crisp the image looks on your nails.
I will be doing another mani very soon with the other images from these plates, so keep checking back. You can follow Moyou Nails on Facebook

Did my cinderella hand with the pretty swirl image on plate N23 and you can see how well the pink stamping polish works, and such a pretty colour :)

Till next time, stay safe and much love..

These products were sent to me for an honest review.


  1. Gorgeous mani! Very good to read that the image plates and stamping polishes work great!

    1. Thank you, these are the best stamping polishes I've tried. Especially over a dark base x