Saturday 14 June 2014

British Red Rose

Flag Nails

Hey everyone, I know I haven't posted anything since Monday, as I seemed to have lost my nail painting mojo :( happy to say its back!! Now I don't mind the odd football match on tv, but the World Cup seems to take over, and I said to myself that I wouldn't do a football manicure.... but ended up doing the St. George's Cross flag for our boys playing tonight. The last football mani I did was for the FA Cup, and Arsenal won, so who knows tonight lol.
I wanted to be different with this mani and was going to do black nails with the English Red Rose on the tips.
I even painted my nails with 2 coats of Beauty UK black polish.

That was as far as I got as really think about it I wasn't sure the red roses would show up well against the black. So opted to use white polish and red roses.

Using just one of the tiny rose images from Cheeky plate CH14 and Beauty UK Gel FX polish in Poppy Red, I stamped the roses one by one on my nails to make the St. George's Cross.

Totally different than just painting single red lines, but still effective. Took a while to do, and was hard to make sure the lines were somewhat straight, but I'm so happy with them :)

I really like these flag nails, especially for someone who said they wouldn't do another football manicure!! Hope you like them too.
Not sure whether I will still be awake when they play, but I wish the English team lots of luck. 
Thanks for reading, stay safe and much love...


  1. BRILLIANT! So effective. Great job with the stamping! I have trouble stamping one image, let alone multiple! :)

    1. Thank you hun, it took me some time to do and placement was a bit tricky x