Saturday 25 January 2014

Gradient Nails

MUA Pink and Blue Gradient

Me again! Hello to you all :) I have been seeing a lot of gradient nails around just lately, and wanted to try them myself. I have done gradient/ombre nails before but always rainbow colours, so wanted something plainer this time round lol. I sorted through my polishes and chose to use MUA for this manicure.

Strawberry Crush, Natural Days, All Nude, Shade 9 and Bold Blue

Wasn't using all these together, just the pinks for some nails and the blues for the other nails. Started out by painting two coats of All Nude on my nails.

Then with a makeup sponge, striped the polish on and sponged onto my nails. All nails took 4 lots of sponging the polish, but each coat dries pretty quick. Fingers were a bit messy and I should have tapped them like I do for water marbling, but the clean up didn't take too long. Its when you apply the topcoat that the gradient really shows. 

Loving this effect and the colours. Not sure how long they will stay plain though!! Already have an idea in mind what to do over this gradient.....I'll post photo's here if I decide to add anything.

Thats all for today, take care and much love...

So I ended up adding some reverse gradient hearts to each nail. I made the stencil for each heart from the medical tape I used for the taped water marble nails. Added a sparkly topcoat to each heart, love how they look :) 


  1. love gradient effect nails! yours is fabulous so summery :) xxxx

  2. This is lovely, Love the gradient effect and the colours are pretty! you have a fab blog. x