Wednesday 22 January 2014

Charity Nail Art Challenge

PDSA Inspired Nail Art

Hello all! Dawn from Sassy Little Nails is running a monthly blog challenge. Each month there is a theme for a different charity, and the first for January is Animals/Wildlife. I have chosen to do a nail art inspired by the PDSA, who is the UK's leading veterinary charity, caring for more than 400,000 pets. This year PDSA will provide more than 2.3 million free treatments to sick and injured pets and more than 420,000 preventive treatments. This is funded entirely by public support and is from many donors, customers and volunteers, who ensure PDSA is here to provide a healthy life for all our pets.

I think the PDSA do an awesome job, looking after pets that need treatment. Only last June, our beloved family cat who had lived with us for 18 years (we thought she would live forever!) became very ill and the PDSA where lovely and very caring. Sadly Tilly was so ill that she was put to sleep. One of the hardest decisions to make..

She was a very loving cat who loved to join in with everything. She also loved boxes :)
Anyway back to my nails. These are the polishes I used for this manicure...

I painted my ring and pointing finger white, and the others blue. Then dotted white paw prints on the blue nails, and painted a cat and dog on the white nails. 

Happy with how they look. I'm getting better at freehand :) Hope you like these.....

Take care and much love :)


  1. Hi Tracey what a lovely tribute to Tilly by choosing this wonderful charity.and doing the fabulous nail art you did freehand! it is so cute I love it :)
    I needed the help of the PDSA when my cat Sassy was ill and dying of breast cancer and they really supported us and Sassy and helped us tremendously so I know how hard and difficult it is to say goodbye to a loving family pet. well done for taking part and raising awareness for this great charity thank you xxxxx

    1. Thank you Dawn. Have had to say goodbye to many pets over the years, and its always hard. So its a pet free home now, unless my daughter fetches her kitten over, or the neighbours kitten comes in:) More than welcome to take part in great challenge xxx