Monday 29 April 2013

Pretty by Quest

Pretty by Quest

A while ago when I was out shopping I went into Poundland. Straight away the first place I go to is where they have all their cosmetics and nail bits :) I have bought many polishes from there as you get a real bargain if your lucky. I mean Sally Hansen or Revlon for £1!! Who could walk away from that lol. Well on this particular day I saw they had some things by Pretty By Quest. This brand have many different make up products, and many nail bits. I got two magnetic nail polishes and a dip and twist polish remover. For £1 thought I'd give them a try.

The magnetics for a cheap price worked considerably well, and they come with the magnet. Nice to apply, no streaks and no strong smell, so a proper bargain :) The dip and twist remover on the other hand, although it did work (but wouldn't recommend for glitter polish removal) had a really strong smell, and pieces of the sponge came out. Had to wash my hands after using. But this for £1 was a good buy for quick emergencies.


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