Tuesday 30 April 2013

Nail Stickers made at home

Nail Stickers made at home

There are a few videos floating round you tube on how to make nail art stickers at home. Its really easy and great idea for free hand nail art, if you are (like me) no good painting with your non dominant hand. So for me being right handed, my left hand always comes out perfect, but when it comes to painting the same design on my right hand, I get the shakes lol and the nail art look ok, but not great. But with this sticker idea, you can paint any design you want, with your dominant hand. All you need is a piece of plastic, like a plastic sleeve for holding paper. As I used to decorate cakes, I had disposable piping bags, and they work well. 

Paint two coats of clear nail polish, for each nail. I have already done this here, but its hard to see with it being clear. Once this is dry, you can paint any free hand nail art design you want on top. Using nail polish or acrylic paint. I chose to use acrylic paint. Im still getting used to free hand nail art, but have been practising for a while on paper. When design is dry, top coat it again, and leave to dry completely. 

Once dry, carefully using tweezers, peal the stickers from the plastic. Top coat nails, this helps the sticker stick to your nails. Top coat again once on the nail, to prevent it lifting up. That's it, as easy as that. 


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