Sunday 28 April 2013

Holograpic beauties...

Holograpic beauties...

Still getting used to all this, but as I said yesterday I will now show my other holographic nail polishes.

Again I purchased these from Not as cheap as the Perfect Holographic, but still good value and for my budget :)
The Catherine Arley 676 (numbers not names) is a very pale silver, and is good for a holographic top coat,
without changing the colour of the polish you put it over.
Golden Rose Paris in 118, 108, 109, 112, 102 and 117. They are nice to apply, and have a nice holographic sparkle.

Apart from the 2 Laya Holo's I have (Mermaid Spell and Ultra Violet), the best holo I have is the cheapest!!
Perfect Holographic, maybe small bottle (6.5ml) but it really comes to life in the sun :)
I find myself walking along, just staring at my nails ha ha I must look like a nutter!!
Here is where I bought mine from They work in Euro, and after you have chosen which
polishes you want, click on the contact us button, and send to them the colours you want, number's no name's,  and ask for a request to pay by paypal. They were very helpful with me and it didn't take long for them to send back a paypal invoice.
Once you've paid, they will send you a dispatch notice with a tracking number. I found this web site to track my parcel. I suppose al in all it took
just over a week, so pretty fast really, good too as I am very impatient when Im waiting for a delivery :)
Well that's all for now, hope you enjoy this :)


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