Monday 29 April 2013

Mood and Sun changing Polish

Mood and Sun changing Polish

Mood changing polish and Sun changing polish has always had me acting silly lol running my hands under hot and cold water, or just standing in the sun to see the colour change. So this is going to be a long post. I have four Mood Struck colour changing the I bought from Cosmetics Fairy in a dark purple/blue, that changes to a light blue, neon pink, changes to a lighter pink,  green, changes to a bright yellow and turquoise, changes to a lighter turquoise. Just last week I won an auction on ebay for Miss Match colour change polish, in Red Temptation, changes to yellow, Pink Mood, Jungle and Aquamarine all change to a lighter shade of colour. I have never heard of this brand before, but if you have feel free to comment :) Quite a few photos coming up :)

The Mood Struck are nice colours, neon pink being my favourite. But not really much colour change that I could see, apart from the green, which isn't a colour I normally wear, but the colour change was the best, to a beautiful shade of yellow.

As you can see the green is the only one that seemed to change, but still nice polish to use. The Miss Match on the other had are smaller bottles 4.2ml, to the Mood Struck 7ml. But again are nice to apply, bit of a weird smell, but not overly powering. They were just awesome :) I spent a while going from hot to cold water lol, you could see the change in them all...

Just a wicked change, can't wait to try these on my nails. There is a bit of a similarity of colour between Mood Struck Turquoise and Miss Match Jungle and Aquamarine, but Miss Match has more of a noticeable colour change. If you can get some I would so recommend :) Now on to the Sun Activated changing polish.
I have two by Del Sol. Ruby Slipper, a beautiful golden glittery polish, which in the sun changes to an awesome red, and Metal Mania, a silver shimmery polish and changes to a nice shimmery purple in the sun. The other two I have are called Sun Vision ( same bottles as the Miss Match ) Banana Tango, a nice yellow that changes to a mustard colour and Platinum Passion, white that changes to a lilac shade.

They are all beautiful in their own way, but Ruby Slipper is my favourite. Just a wicked change :) have a nail design all ready to do with this one, just waiting for a decent spell of sunshine lol
That's all for now, hope you enjoy this post and my blog :) as I enjoy doing it :)


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