Wednesday 16 January 2019

Beauty Big Bang

Holographic Stamping

Howdy! I'll get right into this post as I have done a few different looks with 2 items from Beauty Big Bang. I have today a stunning holographic stamping polish, and a irregular image stamping plate.
BBB-043 SKU:BBBXL-043 is a very detailed plate, with so many patchwork themed images.
The Holographic Stamping polish is a very delicate pink SKU:J6505TM-2A.
So first up I stamped with this polish over a black base, and as you can see it looks very delicate, and so pretty in person, though to me this polish seemed too sheer for a stamping polish.
As a base, it took 3 thin coats to achieve this colour, and it is very lovely indeed!
Without the sun, I wanted to show you how special this is, so here's my photo in artificial lighting.
To this I stamped over in Black with an awesome dotty image.
Lastly, and this mani took a while to do! I stamped in Black, 4 different images that go well together, and coloured in with Pink, Yellow and Green Beauty Big Bang stamping polishes that are perfectly pigmented for reverse stamped decals. Stamped directly to my white painted nails and tacky layer of foil glue. Finished with a glossy topcoat.
Then added a matte topcoat, and I much prefer this finish to this look.
Each part of these designs are so detailed and just compliment each other. A great plate to have in your collection.
TRAB10 is my discount code that you can use over on the Beauty Big Bang website, and if it is used 6 times then Beauty Big Bang will kindly host a giveaway with me over on IG. You can pay by PayPal and credit card with free worldwide delivery.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. I definitely think that holo is better as a regular than as a stamping polish. It does look lovely, though!

  2. Loving the black with holo stamping and your matte patchwork!!

  3. Wow, it stamps so well! I love the matte look that you created.

  4. I find their holo stampers underwhelming but they are gorgeous on their own!

  5. The holo is beautiful and the reverse stamped mani is absolutely amazing!