Tuesday 2 October 2018

Next Nail Polish

Pearl Collection

Who else hates waiting for nail mail? Not only things that I've purchased myself, one from eBay was cancelled, and the other from Aliexpress said was shipped then also cancelled! And waiting on delivery of my Born Pretty Store review items takes about 6 weeks.
So that's why I'm  here with this post on some polishes I treated myself to about 2 years ago!
My daughter works for a department store called Next, and I liked the look of this Pearl Collection.
Apart from the 3 colours you get a black which is needed to make these shades look better. Check out my video at the end of this post to see me swatch this first shade called Molten Lava. Now they are called Pearl, but are actually chameleon. Starting with 2 coats of the black then 1 coat of the colour, it looks absolutely stunning. Here's my natural light shot.
Then in sunlight, it changed from a purple to a deep burgundy red.
Thus colour was screaming Autumn to me, so I stamped some golden leaves.
Next up is the blue called Mermaid. Again like before 2 coats of Jet Black and 1 coat of the colour.
The colour shift in this is blue in natural light and purple in sunlight.
For my nail art on this I stamped white snowflakes.
Lastly the green is called Oil Slick. Same application as the previous shades. An amazing colour in natural light.
In direct sunlight it changed to a deep blue/purple.
For this I stamped some silver lace.
Can you see what I mean though, not a pearl finish but chameleon.

If you watch my video, you'll hear me say I have a feeling these would water marble. I've also posted a quick video on my Instagram showing this, but here's my test nail over a white base.
On my nails over a black base, looked amazing in person but so hard to capture, but I had a go!
If you can get your nails on these polishes I'd recommend them.
Stay safe and much love......