Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Happy Halloween

Halloween Round-up 

Happy Halloween to you all! Where we live is always quite, sadly no 'trick or treaters, my daughter is going out for a pizza with her friends and the Halloween party is on Friday as it's a school night!
For my post today, I'm doing a round-up of all my Halloween mani's this year, starting way back in August. So as you can imagine I have a fair few photos...
My looks ranging from water decals, nail charms, stamping and freehand with a few glow in the dark shots too.

Of course the kitty photo is one of my favourites.
But my overall favourite from the 39 Halloween mani's I've done was one of the first with the silver skull charm.
So that's it for another year, do you have a favourite from all these?
Stay safe and much love....


  1. You have so many great nail art designs! Sadly, it wasn't meant for me this month with packing for a move, so that means I really have to step up my game next year. Maybe starting on August is what I should do too!

  2. This is epic! You are the queen of Halloween nail art!

  3. Wow 39! I wish I could do that many but I love to wear my art for a few days.

    1. Many thanks, even I can't believe how many I did!

  4. So many great Halloween Manis! We got about 15 and I have a ton of candy left, I'm hoping a few more show up but it's getting late.

  5. Wow you did so many halloween manis! I’ve done 2, and one was just last night.