Thursday 10 May 2018

Revel Nail

Sun Colors Dip Powder 

Hi all, I don't know about you, but when the weather brightens up and there's blue sky and warn sun shine, it sure makes me feel happy. And I know I've been mentioning it alot (sorry)
but here in the UK we've had another good few days off unusualy hot weather, and I received a parcel from Revel Nail with some pots of stunning Sun Colour Dipping Powders. I'll be sharing these with you over the coming weeks, but I just had to try one straight away. Problem was which one lol.
Oh also I forgot to mention my cindy hand got to wear this shade Ibiza
Comes in a 1oz pot with the new packaging silver lid. You can see by the label this one goes from a light pink to purple. I'm sure you know by now how dipping powders are applied, but I will do another video tutorial with the next one, for now I just wanted to see the amazing shift in colour. You can see this in my quick video over on my Instagram.
These dip powders are extremely sun sensitive. As soon as I stepped into the sun...bam the colour was changing.

I had so much fun playing with this shade, and a great name for the sunny day too. Such a pretty pastel pink to a delicate purple, a perfect sun colour shift.
A funny story too, after I'd finished this mani, I went to the ice cream van. My nails were the pastel pink shade, but as I was paying they hit the sun and changed to purple! The ice cream man said, wow your nails just changed colour! He looked puzzled lol. I smiled and said thank you.
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Hahaha love that the ice cream mani noticed the change! I need to get some dip colors that change!

  2. Lol! Magic nails ���� lovely color!

  3. LOL! I love it when random people notice my nails.

  4. That's a wonderful technique! Lovely shade! <3

  5. How cute that the ice cram man noticed the change. I like that this dip powder has a jelly look!

  6. I love seeing people’s reaction to thermals and solars. These look so pretty.

  7. This is really pretty and delicate. Here in California, it's currently raining. It's wet and chilly--terrible combination! I do like this weather when I'm cozy at home, though.

    1. Best place to be when it's cold! These dip powders are so sensitive though, they change even without the sun!!