Friday 2 March 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Striping Tape Nails

I'm not sure if I'm happy it's Friday! Another school snow day as more is forcast this afternoon to last into the evening. To make matters worse we've had no heating or hot water since yesterday and that' not getting sorted till tomorrow! With temperatures dropping to -5 I'm not a happy bunny :(
But any way onto my regular review for Charlies Nail Art. Today I have a roll of pink Striping Tape. This costs just 39p and comes in 7 different colours.
So for my 2 mani's I have used this tape in 2 different ways. First up pairing it with a light pink polish. This look is so striking but so easy to do. Protecting with a layer of topcoat, no colour streaking from the tape.

Secondly I made one of my favourite rainbow gradient bases. Applied pieces of tape to each nail, then working on one nail at a time, I painted over with black polish then carefully removed the tape. I absolutely love using striping tape to create looks like this.

This striping tape is so versatile and very cheap, a must have item too.
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Stay safe and much love, and if your in the U.K. stay warm!


  1. I love both of what you've done with these...but the rainbow sunrays are my favorite!

  2. Nail tape is so cool, I need to bust it out and use it again!

  3. I love striping tape. So many cool things to do with it!

  4. I dont use nail tape a lot, but when you need you really need it! I always keep a good selection of colors around. I love both of these looks!

  5. I have so much tape and never use it. I need to!

    1. I'm gonna try and use mine a lot more ♡

  6. I have so much nail tape that I never use. Your gradient nails look so fun!