Monday 12 February 2018

Born Pretty Store

Unicorn Holo Pigment 

Hi and how are you all? Hoping you had a good weekend, mine was Ok, just wish this flu would leave me once and for all! 
Anyway let's crack on with today's post on the last Holo Unicorn Pigment in shade 6.
This one is a greeny blue shade and absolutely stunning. 
You get 0.5g of product and a little goes a long way even when using this with regular polish. I've got the application spot on now and although you may not get exactly the same finish if used over gel polish, I'm still extremely happy with the results I get and even happier I can still use and wear all these pigment powders and flakies.

Such a pretty colour and gorgeous finish in natural light, and yay for some winter sunshine! Just look at that holo-ness ♡
I was inspired by the colour of this pigment to do a quick and simple galaxy mani.
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Stay safe and much love.....