Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Nicole Diary

Candy Cane Stamping

Still not feeling that great today, and I know full well it's to do with the cold weather, that's why I'm a summer person!
Keeping myself busy for a few hours doing nails then lay on the sofa and watch Christmas movies.
For Nicole Diary's next square stamping plate I have done two totally different looks, one Candy Cane inspired and the other Unicorn inspired.
Four full nail images on this plate that can be used for reverse stamped decals and a nice size image. Both my looks were made with the top 2 designs.
Reverse stamped candy cane swirls with an added holo topcoat.
These spirals and clouds made me think of unicorns so I made a pastel rainbow gradient and stamped with black.
You can see how well these images pick up and stamp and another great plate for a stamperholics collection.
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Stay safe and much love.....