Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Revel Nail

Glitter Dip Powder

Now I do love my dipping powders, and the glitter effect ones are simply gorgeous. With the holiday season fast approaching Revel Nail kindly sent me some stunning glitters dip powders perfect for all the upcoming festivities. 
So meet Ingrid, a gorgeous cloudy blue with just the right amount of glitter. For my application I painted a thin even coat of bottle 1 the base gel, to 3/4 of each nail and dipped (working on one nail at a time) then I gently brushed off any excess powder, another coat of the base gel, but to the whole nail this time and dipped again. You can do 2 dips, but I chose to do 3 for this colour. Bottle 2 Activator deals and hardens so you can file, buff and smooth your nails. Another layer of activator, but this time I used a lint free wipe to make sure it was dry and covered the whole nail. Then a quick application with bottle 3 top gel. Once this has dry, another coat of the top to leave a fast drying stunning glossy finish. I wipe my brushes inbetween each coat to avoid and contamination of powder or activator. And here's the finished mani...

Such a pretty glittery shiny finish that looks beautiful on its own, or a great base for some nail are or bling. This is on my hand, as I can test how well these dip powders wear, and I can easily get over 2 weeks with no loss of glossyiness and no chipping, peeling or lifting.
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