Thursday, 14 September 2017

Nicole Diary

Loose Nail Glitter

A bit of a long post today so I'll get right into it. A while ago I reviewed some items for Nicole Diary and I contacted them again and was sent a lovely parcel of goodies to review. This post is slightly different to my usual, as what I tried out first is so lovely I had to show you them all rather than drag it out over a few weeks!
I have a set of 12 Nail Glitters that can be used in so many different ways.
So for my review I have used the first 2 on my nails and the other 10 on swatch sticks. Each pot comes with a sponge tip applicator, but I found a brush easier to apply these glitters over a colour polish using a wet topcoat. So grab a drink and take a look at my photos.....
 Shade 1.

 Shade 2.

Shade 3.

Shade 4.

 Shade 5.

 Shade 6.

 Shade 7.

 Shade 8.

 Shade 9.

 Shade 10.

 Shade 11.

 Shade 12.

So as you can see you can get great full nail coverage with all of these glitters. A beautiful rainbow of colours. For a more textured feel you can leave out applying a final layer of topcoat. I like that there's a nice mix of micro and tiny glitters in each pot, it helps add to the final effect you get on your nails.
Excuse my own made swatching sticks, but here's how they all look together...

These can be used to add the right amount of sparkle to any mani, not just full nail coverage, unless you fancy a complete bling look! Facebook and Instagram is where you can check out Nicole Diary, and you can also find them over on and
Stay safe and much love....