Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Born Pretty Store

Square Stamping Plate

Good day to you all. With the summer leaving us in the UK the evening getting darker earlier, and feeling colder, I'm not ready to let it go! It brings me nicely to this fun and cute stamping plate from Born Pretty Store
Sketches BP-X39 has 6 full nail images that are perfect for colouring in. Just like a kids colouring book. Nicely sizes and great detail. Etched well and stamped perfectly.
I used 4 of these designs to make a themed mani. In my mind the story is 'your so fed up with raining days you go for a drive, past the town, to the seaside, and watch the hot air balloons before driving home'. A matte top coat looked so much better than glossy. What do you think?

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Stay safe and much love....