Monday, 19 June 2017

IZ Beauty of London

Mesh Nail Stickers

Howdy! If you like lace looking nails, then what I have to share with you all today will be right up your street. Following on from my bee mani using the Hex stickers from
IZ Beauty of London, today I have these 
Mesh Stickers. I call them stickers as they are, but they are also as thin as water decals so lay nice and flat on nails.
Each strip measures 7cm x 1.5cm and this pack coats £2.00. Each pattern is completely smooth and very detailed. For my nails I have used each pattern and placed at an angle on the top of each nail over a purple to pink diagonal gradient. Then I added a few black dots to finish the look.
Easy to trim and gently file the excess, and top coating to protect them.
I'd recommend these to anyone who likes stickers or maybe can't get on with water decals, believe me when I say the final look is totally smooth you wouldn't think they were stickers!!
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. Beautiful manicure! I like the sound of these, I only like wearing thin stickers :)

  2. These seem great! I can't wait to see you do more with the mermaid one!

  3. Love those!!! The mani is awesome.

  4. Stickers always curl up on me. These are awesome!

  5. These would be so versatile! Great mani!

  6. It's awesome that they lay flat, unlike real lace.

  7. Tracey, I need to have you teach me how to art like you! I'm amazed by every single mani of yours. <3

    1. Aww many thanks for your lovely comment ♡

  8. They don't look like stickers at all! Really nice.