Friday, 12 May 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Black and Gold

Wow where did this week go? Hi to you all, do you know this is the first time all week that I've actually painted my nails! I have been painting all this week, but that was decorating lol, and there was no way as Brand Ambassador I was going to miss my regular review for Charlies Nail Art.
Today I have used 2 types of glitter for my mani, the first being these round Gold glitter dots. They come in 9 colours for 75p, in a releasable bag and measure 2mm.
The second glitter is one I reviewed a while back. You can find this one here.
I decided to use these together to create a very pretty and sparkly look. I used the smaller loose glitter as an accent nail, using top coat. I placed the larger gold dots to creat a pattern over black polish. These dots are totally flat and Gold on both sides and adhered to my nails with just top coat. Here's the final look...

Typical that all week the weather has been nice and the day I paint my nails it rains!! You can see the the beautiful sparkle in both glitters and how well they go together.
Charlies nail art have lots of new items and such cute looking new packaging, go check them out over on FacebookInstagram and
Twitter. And if you make an order use my 15% discount code BNM15.
You can check out all the postage details for the UK and worldwide here.
Have yourselves a great weekend and as always stay safe,  much love....


  1. This is a beautiful manicure! I can't remember the last time I saw your nails this short. haha

    1. Thank you so much, slowly growing longer x

  2. Such a fun manicure! I look forward to what creative things you do with Charlies nail art items.

  3. Fun stuff! I am always so scared using loose glitter, one hard exhale and that stuff is everywhere!

    1. I love all sparkly things now, a few years back I would have not said this lol x

  4. I love how you matched the big dots with the little glitter on the accent nail! :)