Friday, 3 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

News Paper Nails

First off let me say sorry for not blogging all week. I have no monthly round up of my swatching hand, As it's getting better and just waiting on my nails to grow. I've been super busy and only managed to do this review for Charlies Nail Art. 
I will get my butt into gear next week lol. Anyway today I have a full sheet of water decals in News Paper print, that you can cut to the size of each nail.

The thing I like about these decals are you can match the design right across your nails. I did paint a white base and these were super easy to apply. Finished with a glossy topcoat, the added a matte top coat.

Love the different size print and how they look. Use my code is below to get 15% discount from any order you make. 
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Stay safe and much love...


  1. those are really interesting decals.

  2. Those are fun decals. I never got around to trying out the newsprint nails when they were trendy, but this looks like it would make for an easier attempt.

    1. I tried and failed! These are so much easier :)

  3. Omg lol these decals are hilarious because of what they say! Seriously cracking up.

  4. Awesome decals! I haven't seen any like that before!