Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rose Gold Chrome

Chrome Pigment No Gel!

So following on from my new found allergy to gel polish, I was most upset that I wouldn't be able to have Chrome/Mermaid pigment nails ever again. I have been told to wait at least 6 months before trying gels again, but not only is that a long time I'm also dubious to try them again to see if I am actually allergic. I don't really fancy going through this again, my poor swatching hand still looks in a bad way :( But curiosity may get the better of me!
Anyway getting back to this post (as it went a bit off track) I've read that Chrome Pigment can be used with normal polish and a water based top coat. So off I went googling a said topcoat. Then it dawned on me that I already have non toxic water based polishes. Do you remember last year when I swatched VB Line Kids peelable polishes. Number 13 from this collection is white, but dries clear. So with my brain working overtime I just had to try it. I started with 2 coats of a neon pink from VB Candy, applied a quick dry topcoat, then 1 coat of the peelable polish. To this I buffed over Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome Pigment to make a Rose Gold. Used the peelable polish again, then a normal topcoat and added to rhinestones. 

Maybe not as chrome a finish that you'd get with gel polish, but I'm super happy with the finished result and that I can have bling nails again!
So for anyone who also has an allergy to Gel, or don't have/wear gel nails and would like to try Chrome Pigments, then a clear kids peelable polish will work :)
Hope you find this post helpful. Stay safe and much love...


  1. This is such a fun look! I like that the neon pink peeks out around the edge. I really hope that you're able to use gel again. I felt so bad for you when you first announced the allergy.

    1. Thank you so much, I'm getting impatient waiting for my fingers to heal, let alone try gels again just to see if I am actually allergic to them. X

  2. Good thinking! I like the rose gold color you ended up with.

  3. That was some quick thinking on your part and it turned out gorgeous! I hope that you have speedy recovery from your allergy!

  4. I am obsessed with rose gold! my hair even has a tint of it! This is beautiful!