Monday, 30 January 2017

Cuccio Dipping System Starter Kit

French Tip Dipping

Happy Monday peeps! Hope you had a good weekend, mine was super busy as we have 2 new fur babies :) anyway today I'm here with my next review of the Cuccio Dipping System Starter Kit, this time using the dipping trays to do a French Manicure. For my first ever attempt at this, I'm pretty happy with the final look. It's very easy to do, and also something that will get easier to do with more practice. Check out my video tutorial.

You can see I filled the tray with the White dipping powder, and used French Pink. You paint your entire nail with the top and base, slide you nail into the tray tap off excess then straight into the pink. Do this twice, and the final dipping is in Clear. File to reduce thickness, buff smooth and add a top coat and cuticle oil. 

Then I added some white lace stamping, I love how delicate this mani looks.
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That's all for today, till next time stay safe and much love...