Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Born Pretty Store

Stamping Plate

Hey there, how you doing? Me, I'm good just super busy and impatiently waiting for the arrival of more tiny kittens! So anywho, my review today is in a retangular stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. This plate is a sewing/ dress inspired plate and had some cute singular and full nail images.
L-027 is a great plate for all.

I have created 3 different mani's, 2 making decals, which this plate is perfect for. Let's take a look...

Yes the full nail images are slightly small for my nails, I could have double stamped and joined the image, but as they have a tapered edge, I didn't feel the need to do this, and wear them knowing the image would fit all my nails completely. It's adds something to the finished look too.
A fun and cute plate that I'd definitely recommend.
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 Stay safe and much love....