Thursday 23 June 2016

Square Stamping Plates

Moyou Nails 

Hello! I received these 5 Square Stamping Plates from Moyou Nails to review, but instead of doing my usual reviews like my previous (which you can find if you search my blog.) I wanted to show you how you can mix up your stamped mani's using different images, and making decals to cover parts of your nails. I'll still be reviewing and doing multi mani's but using a few of these 5 plates at a time. To start off you can see how the images look when stamped into paper. You can find them here, 414415420421 and 433.
I will add what plates I've used for each mani, and explain if needed how I created them. I will also be using Moyou Nails Polishes for my stamping and colouring in the decals. So let's start...
For the base stamping I used plate 420, and made butterfly decals using plate 414. I like how the butterflies look like they are fluttering through grassy flowers.
For this I stamped with Moyou Nails Silver and plate 420. Leaving the image on the stamper, I painted over with black polish and left to dry. Then peeled off and carefully cut the part of the image I wanted. Placed on my nails and finished off with black rhinestones.
Finally, and this is my favourite. I taped off 2 nails and used plate 421 for the base. I made seperate flower decals with plate 415. It took a while but I truly love the finished look with a matte topcoat.
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I'll be back soon with some more mani's and a shorter post lol :)
Stay safe and much love....


  1. The butterfly mani has my heart this time, though they are all gorgeous (as always!) <3

  2. I always love your nail art! I love that you showcased different looks too!

    1. Thank you, it's just looking at stamping plates in a different way x

  3. I love this idea of showing us all the different looks you can create with the plates, especially for the ones with the small images like the butterflies. All the manis are really pretty.