Friday, 3 June 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Rectangle Studs

Hello again,  hope you are well. I'm good and have enjoyed my week off, even though it's gone too quick! Anyway back to my normal Friday review for Charlies Nail Art, and today I'm showing you some Rectangle Studs. They come in bags of 100 metal studs, in gold or silver for 99p. I have the silver, and they are a nice size. 

I had an idea in my head that I thought would go really well using these studs, but then I thought of something else, and liked this idea better. So after I painted my nails with a black denim effect polish, I painted some white stitching and added the studs. And here are my denim jean nails..

I'm so glad I went with this look. The studs stuck flat and well with topcoat, and added the final detail to this mani.
For these or any item you may see on Charlies Nail Art website, use my discount code below. You should really go have a look as there is an amazing range of products at fabulous prices, and great customer service. 
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. Love studs and it looks great over a matte base!

  2. Pretty mani! I love how creative you got with these!

  3. I just love your idea! I never know how to wear these studs. Great job!

  4. Your use of these is wonderfully unique!

  5. I've always loved the look of rectangle studs. You used them perfectly!

  6. Super adorable and creative!

  7. Are these studs very rigid, or can they bend some? I love the look of these, but I often cannot do want I want since studs usually are too rigid.

    1. I totally agree with you on this. I didn't try with these but I don't think they would bend.