Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Chameleon Glitter

Born Pretty Store Review 

I'm really not a loose glitter person, but since the peel of base polishes have come around, it does make removal a lot easier. So just the messy application to deal with lol. But my mind was totally changed when I tried the Chameleon Glitter from Born Pretty. It's actually called a multi chrome glitter, but what ever the name it's absolutely stunning ♡
It comes in a little pot that's bagged incase of spillage. You can you this to place over tacky polish, but I did a gel mani. After I'd cured the 2 coats of black gel polish and topcoat, I used a brush to place this glitter on the tacky residue and rubbed in to create a truly gorgeous finish. This glitter is micro thin and left my nails feeling smooth I top coated and cured again. Just look...

Although my camera made this look turquoise, it's actually a gorgeous blue with a purple shift in certain lighting.
And as this was gel, I used a peel off base to protect my natural nails and can keep these forever lol.
I posted a video on my IG @tbellew18  to try to show you how amazing this glitter is, and I'd really recommend this to everyone.
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Stay safe and much love...


  1. Not something I would ever use, but it looks beautiful on you

  2. This is really awesome. You always do such beautiful and creative manicures. <3

  3. So pretty! Glitter ruins in my veins, I would definitely wear this mani!

  4. Beautiful!! I've seen these on the BP site but was always hesitant to try them. So happy to see how well these work!

    1. I really wasn't expecting this effect, it's stunning in person x

  5. I love the variation born pretty offers. Love that glitter!