Wednesday 2 March 2016

Bulletproof Gel Polish Review

UV Gel Polish from Pretty Professional 

Hello all and what an exciting post I have for you today. Pretty by Quest kindly sent me their new Bulletproof Gel Polish Set and some other gel polishes to review. This kit contains everything you need to do a gel mani at home, it's a 'one step' gel nail polish and comes in very pretty packaging. 
*Photo heavy post*

How awesome does this look, you can find it here.  And here's the other polishes..

All such pretty colours. The torch is a 1W UV LED, and requires 3 AAA batteries. So great to fit in your bag and take with you in case of emergencies.

Application of the UV Gel Polish:
1) Trim and file your nails to desired length and shape, push cuticles back and ensure nails are clean and dry.
2) Lightly buff the shine from the surface of your nails.
3) Apply a thin layer of the 'one step' gel nail polish.  Only work on one nail at a time and cure before applying to the next nail.
4) Cure the nail under the torch for 1 minute ensuring the full nail is covered by the UV LED Torch. Hold the torch about 2cm from the surface of the nail.
Repeat steps 3 & 4 to apply another coat of gel polish is required.
Apply cuticle oil to your nails.  
Curing times with the 'one step' UV Gel Polish is approx. 60 seconds. If the gel is applied too thickly it may not cure correctly and could cause a burning sensation when curing.
Removal of the UV Gel Polish using Bulletproof Gel Remover Wraps.
1) Remove the shine from the gel by lightly buffing.
2) Using scissors, cut along the dotted line on the sachet. Peel the clear film at the top of the sachet to expose the adhesive surface.
3) Insert your nail inside ensuring the pad is over the top of your nail. Close the sachet around your finger and seal using the adhesive surface.
4) Wait for 15-20 minutes. Remove and discard the sachet and pad. Remove any remaining polish from your nail using the cuticle stick. But you can also use the foil and acetone soak off method for removal.
Here's a quick swatch of the 3 polishes.

 All 2 coats, curing for 1 minute between each coat. Absolutely stunning shine and no tacky layer to remove once finished curing. Removal was super easy to, even on my natural nails. I gently buffed the shine from each nail.
Then I wrapped 2 in foil with cotton wool soaked in acetone, and tried one of the removal sachets from the Bulletproof kit. Left on my nails for 15 minutes, and when I took them off most of the gel polish was gone, just a tiny bit that fell off my nails.
Excuse my stained nails through over painting, but as you can see no traces of gel polish and no damage to my nails.
Onto the red that came in the kit. Called Glam, again 2 coats, curing for 1 minute between each coat and no tacky residue. Look at the amazing glossy finish.

This new gel polish from Pretty By Quest is completely stunning and super easy to use. It's possible to layer this polish, but for this review I only did the 2 coats. Everything you need is in the beautifully presented kit and I would recommend this to anyone who loves gel nail polish.
I was also sent this nail polish remover pump. It's so cute and the remover inside is to me the same as in the twist and out pots by Pretty. It removed normal polish (not for gel polish) really well, and is refillable. Happy days :)

So overall all of these items are amazing quality and great value. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed this post and my honest opinion on these items.
You can find Pretty By Quest on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Stay safe and much love...


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