Tuesday 23 February 2016

Lady Queen Review

Hehe Stamping plate 019

Hey all and hope you are all well. I'm here with the start of some more reviews for Lady Queen Beauty. Today's is the first of 3 separate reviews on some Hehe Stamping Plates. I'll be doing different mani's depending on each image from each plate. Hehe 019 is a full nail image plate with 4 different designs. 

As normal these plates come with a protective blue covering, and they pick up and stamp really well. Perfect images for beautiful Nail Art.

First up I made a rainbow gradient which I think was perfect for this stamping. Like a magical rainbow path.

These reverse stamped decals would be perfect for Christmas and any time of year,  the different colour possibilities are endless. I stuck these to my nails using foil glue as I find this so much easier.

Next I painted my nails with a beautiful pink and stamped with Barry M White as this image covers most of the polish and I didn't want to lose the pink colour. This look is perfect and so delicate looking.

Lastly, a simple black and white look. You really can't go wrong with this.

For this plate or any nail art items from Lady Queen use my discount code below at the checkout.

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Stay safe and much love....


  1. Your rainbow gradient mani is brilliant, and beautiful!! Love it!

  2. I love all these!! You're so creative with stamping plates!

  3. These are such cool patterns. The design on the bottom right quadrant really reminds me of spiderweb lace. back when I was doing costume design full time i had to do a piece that had an overlay of that spiderweb lace. It's such a cool effect whether it is with fabric or stamped on a nail. :-) Excellent job!

  4. The rainbow gradient look is outstanding!!!!

  5. Great review and manicures. I received a HeHe plate over the holidays and I pretty excited to try it!

  6. Beautiful manis!! A always great review as well!

  7. I really like the 1st design, looks very cool.

  8. That black and white design is awesome!

  9. I'd love to watch you do Youtube tutorials!

    1. Thank you, I'm thinking of starting to do more videos, I just don't like hearing my voice lol x