Thursday 28 January 2016

Vivien Kondor Polishes

Mani and Stamping Test

So today I have an unplanned post, but something I've been wanting to do for a while. With polishes from Vivien Kondor, not only have I painted my nails but I've done a stamping test.
First to my nails. .
I started off with 2 coats of Dark Blush holographic. Shown here with no topcoat. 

 Then I can't say why but I topped with 1 coat of Sunset Gold holographic....

I love how this looked, still pink but with a gold touch. Again no topcoat.
To this I stamped with black and Pueen plate 119.

This then made me wonder how well the Vivien Kondor Polishes would stamp. So on paper here are the results.
Crimson and Scarlet are from the Water Permeable Collection £9.99 each. Beechwood Red is from the Pink Rose Collection £2.99 each. You can see they stamp well over white.

Blueberry, Strawberry and Wild Berries are all from the scented Bon Bon Collection £3.99 each. Again they stamp well especially if your after a delicate look.

Lastly Purple Haze, Dark Blush and Sunset Gold from the Holographic Collection £3.99 each. Another delicate look, but they do stamp.

So happy I tried this and even though they would all most probably only show over light or white polish, that they stamp.
You can find Vivien Kondor on Facebook,
Till next time stay safe and much love...


  1. How fun! I love that Sunset Gold. Also I love that they stamp, so great.

  2. What an interesting combination! It changes the pink to more of a brink red; very pretty!
    I love the stamping over it!

    1. Thank you, don't even know why I did it lol x

  3. The stamping over the mani is stunning!

  4. amazing !!! thank you we love your reviews !!

  5. another amazing review - thank you

  6. Beautiful stamped mani, I love Sunset Gold!