Monday 4 January 2016

Moyou Nails Review

Square Stamping Plate 405

Happy New Year! The first few days have been hetic so for my first post of 2016 I'm back with my Square Stamping Plate reviews for Moyou Nails and I have also used the New Metallic Polishes for my mani's. You can see all Moyou Nails Polishes here. Plate 405 is the last of the full nail image plates in this collection. It has some very pretty designs and some that can be used for different causes, like Movember and Autism Awareness. 

You can see they all stamp well, and for my 3 mani's I started out with a pastel rainbow gradient and stamped the puzzle pieces image with black polish.

Next up over white nails and using 3 of the new metallic polishes I made a rainbow stamping with the dotty image.

As you can see these polishes stamp awesomely over white, what about over black? Well for my last (and favourite ) I stamped the jumper design with the purple metallic.

I think this looks stunning! And I love everything about this plate. You can follow Moyou Nails on FacebookInstagram and
Twitter. Also don't forget to use my discount code below if you like this plate or polishes, or both!

Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time stay safe and much love...


  1. That looks like a great plate! Love the manis you did with it!

  2. Beautiful plate, your stamping is always on point

  3. Lovely stamping! This looks like a very nice plate as well.

  4. Such a playful plate! So many great patterns!

  5. I love the jumper one best too! Great plate!

  6. That puzzle image is awesomeeee

  7. So are these single images very long? I can never find big single images for my long nails but I see yours are long as well. So there's hope right? Lol

    1. They fit my pinky perfectly, but I have to double stamp all my other nails x