Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wiki'd Nail Challenge

Water Babies 

Hello lovelies and welcome to week 2 of the Wiki'd Challenge. I was contemplating not doing this challenge as some of the weeks are going to prove to be a challenge themselves!! But without stressing too much I though out of the box for this, and may well do the same for some of the up coming challenges. 
The main hub page is where you can see all the mani's from this whole challenge. 
So Water Babies a children's novel written in 1863, I will admit I haven't read this book, and I think that's what made it harder from me to interpret this to a nail art.
So as I said, thinking out the box I made a blue gradient on my nails, with 3 polishes from MUA. 

With almost the same 3 colours in acrylic paint,  I made a reverse bubble gradient. I watered down the paint, dotted onto my nails and removed the excess water with a cotton bud.

Falling into water made me think of bubbles, and this is where I got my idea for this mani. For a first attempt, I'm pleased with how this looks,  and think a rainbow bubble would look amazing.
Till next time, stay safe and much love..


  1. I love the effect! I haven't seen this before. Would love to see a tutorial if you feel like doing one.

  2. These look super beautiful, I love the effect. And I definitely agree, this would look fantastic in a rainbow look.

    1. Thank you, will have to try the rainbow one :)

  3. Fantastic idea! It came out amazing. Love it!

  4. Shut up! I love those bubbles. So fun!

  5. Love the bubble effect and color combo.

  6. Totally stunning - one of my favorites of the manis you've done so far!!

  7. This is a wonderful interpretation and gorgeous mani! The Water Babies cartoon was one of my favorites as a child.

  8. Very nice! I really like this type of look.

  9. Fantastically done! I haven't read the book, but I remember watching the animated film on it when I was little.

  10. This is so pretty and they look just like bubbles!!