Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Stamped Nails

Happy Easter 

Hello to you, and wishing you all a great Easter Weekend.  For today's nails I have stamped images over a pastel base. It's for a Stamping Challenge that a few lovely ladies are doing on facebook. 
So for my base I started with a white polish,  then using Outdoor Girl pastel polishes I put small blobs onto some foil and pressed a make up sponge over to make a pastel rainbow look, I them sponged this on my nails, it gives a delicate and so pretty pastel base. Over this I added a sparkle topcoat.

I stamped the Pretty Black Polish and a cheapy copy of a Moyou plate.

Was a bit tricky picking up the design I wanted with my creative stamper, but I managed to:) and I'm really liking this mani.
Hope you do too, have a great weekend and stay safe, much love...