Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sparkle and Glitter

Spectra-flare Holographic Pigment

Well hello! What a mess I got into doing todays nails for the Instagram challenge!! In a post I did a few days ago I mention the Spectra-flare holographic pigment I bought from ebay. So for the Sparkle and Glitter Nail Challenge I have put this pigment directly onto my nails using foil glue. 
Why foil glue? Well I didn't want full nail coverage, just a section of my nails and using the glue made it easier to apply than with polish, as I was able to brush off any excess quicker and easier.
I started out with one coat of Beauty UK quick dry Nails in Black Out. This was an awesome polish for one coat and the shine is amazing!!

Then I painted the tips of each nail with the foil glue in a squiggly design, and when dry patted on the spectra-flare.

Now I admit I was impatient to try this and should have waited till the base polish was drier, and I should have used a thinner brush to apply the foil glue. But all in all I still like this mani, and the holographic sparkle from the spectra-flare when the light hits it is amazing, just a shame the sun isn't shining.
So I did a quick video...just look...

Any pigment on your skin washes off easily as its so fine, which is a good thing! I will try again and be more patient next time lol.
Would love to hear what you think, feel free to leave me a comment.
Stay safe and much love..