Saturday, 8 November 2014

Remembrance Day Nails

Lest We Forget...

Hello all, and here I am again with another Saturday Manicure. Today I have done my nails for Remembrance Day tomorrow. I did my first ever Poppy Nails last year and wanted to stay with the same design, but jazz it up a bit. So I thought lets do a 'bling' poppy.
I started by painting my nails white and doing a two toned green swirl water marble for the base of this nail art.

I matte topcoated it for two reasons, 1) its dries quick and 2) I've found it doesn't smear the polish.

Then using a medium size dotting tool and Nails Inc Big Apple Red I made the poppies.

And blinged them up with Nail Pop Dorothy and the same dotting tool.

The black dot was made with Pretty black Metallic polish, which is more like a black holographic polish, to keep the bling look.

Sparkly but the Nail Pop red glitter doesn't come to life properly until a topcoat is applied, just look....

I love how these look, and when the suns shines it catches the glitter and makes them really sparkle :) Green isn't normally a colour I wear as I don't think its suits my skin tone, but with the red poppies I do like this, hope you do too. If you are doing a Poppy Nails I'd love to see, feel free to post them on my facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by and till next time stay safe and much love...



  1. aw wow they are fab!! really cool to look at, you must of worked hard on them! great post xo

  2. Wow cool I love it, looks awesome! Love that the matte top coat doesn't smudge it, great tip :) xx