Friday, 24 October 2014

Nails Inspired by Another

Vampy Roses

Hello friends hope you are all well. I've still got my cold, but slowly getting better and was excited to be doing some nail art again. Over on facebook I'm part of the Inspire Me Nails group and the latest theme is nails inspired by someone else. I have been following Tartofraise on youtube for a while now, she also has an English page called Cute Nails. What this lady can do with acrylic paint is pure amazing, her nail art is so awesome and I have tried a few of her designs before. But her latest really wowed me and I thought what a great one to try for this theme.

You can watch Cute Nails create her latest nails, that I'm inspired by here. 
Here's what I used for this manicure.

Revlon Pale Cashmere, MUA Pitch Black and Red Rose, black and red acrylic paint.

After applying my normal base coat, I painted half my nail with Pitch Black, the overlapped slightly and painted the rest of the nail to the tip with Red Rose. To finish the gradient I applied a small amount of each polish to a sponge and dabbed over where the 2 colours meet. Tartofraise did this for her gradient, and I can say this was so much easier and gave a better ombre effect, My ring finger was painted with 3 coats of Pale Cashmere.
Now I have painted free hand roses before, but nothing like this, and looking at my finished nails the only thing I would change would be the shade of red acrylic paint to a slightly darker one. But for a first attempt I'm really happy with how they look. I was also worried that the design on my ring finger would go wrong, but taking it slow, it came out fine, and to be honest my favourite nail of the lot. 
What do you think?


Natural Light

Natural Light
Very vampy and sexy looking, and perfect for Halloween. As I said for a first go at this I'm really happy, I'd love to hear what you think of this manicure..

Till next time stay safe and much love...

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