Saturday, 23 November 2013

Posh Sparkly Nails

White Diamond and Gold Leaf Nails

Yes I'm back again!! So many posts in such a short space of time, and again another busy day swatching polish again,  so I'll say hello all and lets start...
A while back I did a post on White Diamond Polish, showing the most expensive polish in the world, and my copies to it with polish I have. Well I became obsessed with trying to find a dupe, and sat for ages just staring at the computer screen studying nails painted with the Azature White Diamond Polish, knowing some how I would find an answer. And I have, it took me a while but I'm happy with what I came up with. I won't copy other bloggers pictures, but Work Play Polish has the swatch picture I was studying.
Now onto my cheaper copy. 

These are the polishes I used, NYX Frost White, 2true shade 2 and Hedy's Manishma  Space Silver.
Started by painting two coats for Frost White, a beautiful opal looking white.

Then one coat of Space Silver, and two coats of 2true shade 2. Space Silver has some holographic qualities, just enough for the effect I wanted. Shade 2 is an almost clear sparkle nail polish, very blingy and just what I was looking for.

I made my own Gold Flakes for the tips of my nails. I used Barry M Gold Foil for this. Painted a thin layer onto a plastic sheet, and scraped to flake it up when it was dry. I added a few random flakes to the tips of my nails, for a different bling effect.

I'm totally loving my posh nails :) and when the sun catches them they look even more awesome. Just take a look for yourselves..

I really enjoy receiving comments, for reading what you think and I reply to anyone who leaves me one.
So do you like this, and have you any polish that would have made a good dupe for this?
Coming up I have a review on some polishes I was sent by Pretty, so stay tuned :)

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