Friday 27 September 2013

Leather Effect Polish

Next Leather Effect and Claire's Leather Look Polish

So last night my daughter came home from shopping with a present for me!! She works in Next, and saw that they had a new range of nail polish in stock. Leather Effect, price £3.00 for a 9ml bottle. The one she got me was in black, called Black Window. I was keen to try this out and also compare to the Claire's Leather Look Polish I got the other week for £1.00, also a 9ml bottle in black.
So lets get started..... Photos first :)

Next Leather Effect - Black Window

Claire's Leather Look - Black

Next Leather Effect was almost opaque after one coat. I did two and the application and coverage was good, drying time was pretty quick. Dries with some shine, a nice leather effect look for the price of this polish. The one from Claire's took three coats, and is still not as dark as the Next one. Application was good, dried a bit slower and has a more grainy, textured feel, and a different leather look. Over all though, both these polishes are nice, but I do prefer the one from Next so if you are after a cheaper Leather look polish I would recommend this one. I asked my daughter what other new polishes Next sold, and she said the Leather Effect comes in Red and Black, and they also had some Matte Glitter polish, all £3.00 each.  

To compare them with each other, I got my hubby to take a pic of my thumbs :)
Left Next Black Window. Right Claire's Black

I hope you like this post, thanks as always for reading. What do you think of Next polish?


As I will be taking this off for my normal Saturday Nails tomorrow, I saw a photo on Facebook from the Nail It Magazine of some rainbow feather free hand nail art. It looked amazing and I thought I'd try it myself. All done with acrylic paint and a thin detail brush, and  Miss Sporty Gloss Top Coat. Let me know what you think...

On top of Next Leather Effect. 

 On top of Claire's Leather Look



  1. Oh wow, I really want to try that out. Looks gorgeous! x

    1. I must admit I do prefer the one from Next :)

  2. lovely long nails , looks lovely x

  3. Great nails! I can only grow half of those! :D Love black on them too, leathery...hmmm, sassy!

    1. Thank you. My nails grow really quick. Not sure if its the jelly cubes I eat lol x

  4. I totally love the Nails Inc Leather effect polishes, particularly the black one and will be wearing that a lot this season :o). Xx

    1. I'm happy a cheaper one came out as I love the leather look but couldn't afford the NI one. I'm liking the one from Next x

  5. Great comparison! The Next one sounds good!

    Helen (UK Bloggers) X

  6. Wow they look great love your nails!