Thursday 22 August 2013

New Storage :)

New Storage for my Nail Polish

I'm so happy today, as at last I finally have new and better storage for my nail polish collection and felt it deserved a blog post :) In one of the many nails groups I'm in on Facebook, someone posted a photo of a six draw metal unit called Helmer, that was so cute. They bought it from Ikea, it cost £25 and comes in four colours, white, silver, red and yellow. I was hoping to get a silver one, as it would have suited better with our other furniture. But could only find it in white, and as my friend took me to get it I wasn't coming home empty handed lol. The box isn't to big, but is fairly heavy, and I just managed to carry it to pay and then to the car without breaking a nail lol. Got my hubby to put it together for me this morning, it was really easy. Mainly clips together, with screws for the castors and draw handles, but its very sturdy. Even comes with little pieces of paper to slot in each draw front, so you know what in each draw!!
So never again will I see my nail polish collection taking over the table and looking like this...

The other day I sat and wrote down every nail polish I own by brand and colour! I wanted to get an exact amount of how many I had. Took me 3 hours, and a very achy arm lol. After counting the final total was 604!! Someone said on Facebook that the Helmer would hold 500/600 nail polishes. The draws were roughly the same size as the larger pink trays, so I knew they would all fit in ok.  

It looks so cute, and a bargain price too! I have filled the draws, but yet to add the labels. 
Now for the draws :)........

Starting with the bottom, going to the top...

Glitters, Holographics, Crackles, Glow in the Dark and Mood Change

Whites, Blacks, Nudes, Oranges and Stamping Polish


Purples and Yellows

Greens and Reds

Browns and Blues

Now as you can see some of the draws sill have some room in them. So if my 604 and fit in, then I would say this unit would easily hold 650. The only polish that I have that wouldn't stand up is the Bourjois, but I can live with that lol
Overall I'm so happy with this, it will be so much easier for me to find a colour without having to move trays, and put them back and cover them over again! We also have a table to eat at again lol.. Anyone who's looking for better storage, I would so recommend you get yourself one of these.

What do you think? I love hearing from you guys, and reply to every comment left.

Have a great day :)



  1. I love it, maybe I'll buy it!

  2. I wanted a better storage anyway, and fell in love with this when I first saw it :)

  3. Great storage you have so many nail varnish! :)


  4. Love this, it looks so much neater.

    Uncover the Untold

    1. The room feels bigger now they're not on the table anymore lol x

  5. Looks really good, I wanted a helmer but we don't have a close-by Ikea sadly. I also like how your polishes used to be hidden under the pillows, lol! :)

  6. welcome to the Helmer crew! I have one now too, but I dont have nearly as much polish as you! I use mine mainly for storing all the other bits and bobs.
    and i still haven't put the labels on the front of mine! x

    1. I have put the labels in now, but they are not a good fit and keep falling out! I just can't be bothered to make my own lol. I'm so glad I got this, could do with another for all my other nails bits!! x

  7. thanks for sharing this :)
    I need better storage for my nail stuff.I will have to take a visit to Ikea.

    I hope you wont mind this but I have just started my own beauty blog if you could follow me that would be great! thank you xx

    1. Thanks you. They are awesome, I wish I got 2 lol. Just followed you :) x