Monday, 26 August 2013

Neon Matte Polish

Neon Polish Gloss vs Matte

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to my UK buddies :) I wasn't planning on doing a post today, but after looking on Cosmetic Fairy website, and I wish I hadn't lol, I saw Hedy's Manishma Brights Nail Polish. Six awesome Neon Matte colours. Sadly I have no pictures, as I won't take someone else's photo, but can give you the names. Electric Blue a vibrant shimmery blue,  Rocket Green a wicked bright green,  Nuclear Pink this is one awesome pink,  Bolts of Blue a shimmery bright teal colour,  Lightening a very bright yellow and High Voltage a bright coral. Now I'm on a no buy, and my nail polish fund is at zero anyway, and I really like these :'( Now knowing you can make any nail polish matte using a matte top coat, I thought I'd have a go with some neon polish I already have. Just to make myself feel better lol. The polishes I used I've had for a while and were bought from a stall under the arcade in Romford, one is by Chit Chat from Poundland, and one that I got for Christmas. Sadly they don't all have names....

Blue, Yellow, Orange, Screaming Fuchsia, Green, Blue, Lily Hot Pink and Matte Top Coat from Asda.
As always I painted the swatch nails with white polish, as this makes a bright nail polish pop even more. Then three coats of each colour. When I took them outside to take a photo, and the sun shone on them, I had to get my sunglasses they were that bright lol.

Then with two coats of Matte Top Coat...

In the sun

In the shade

Ok so not the exact same colours as the Hedy's Manishma Brights, but as this didn't cost me anything I'm happy :)
Also one quick thing before I go. In one of the Facebook groups I'm in, someone asked if anyone knew of a regular black polish that can be used for stamping. Now I wont pay the price for the piddly bottles of stamping polish, and did a few tests of my own. Again with Matte polish. The first was Pretty Matte and Gloss in Black from Poundland. The second I took a half bottle of white polish and added in some Matte Top Coat and shook together. Here are the results stamping on white and black polish. I think you might be just as amazed as I was at how well the cheapest polish actually stamps....

Bargain from Poundland.

How awesome is that, well I think it is lol. So if my brain is working well, it seems to me that matte polish will stamp really well.
What polish do you use for stamping? Have you heard or got the Hedy's Manishma Brights? I'd love to know, feel free to leave your say below ha ha :)

Have a good one!!


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