Saturday, 6 July 2013

Holographic Nail Polish

Holographic Nails

Hello all :) I really couldn't decide what to do on my nails today. As I was loving the water marble stripes I did with Beauty UK Glam Nail Polish. But I always do my nails on a Saturday, so have been thinking for a few days on what I could do. Then it came to me lol, another beautiful day here in the UK :) and its set to last for a bit, and I've been waiting for wall to wall sunshine to try out the Perfect Holographic Nail Polish I bought back in February. They were the first thing I blogged about when I started :) Then came the choice of what colour to use! Being someone who likes to be 'out there' with my nail designs, I decided to use all the eight Perfect Holographic and two Golden Rose Paris. So a different colour for every finger lol.

Top: Perfect H4, H3, H7, H2 and Golden Rose Paris 108.
Bottom: Golden Rose Paris 118, Perfect H5, H6, H8, H1.

I wont go on about them to much, as I already have before, but they are so awesome. Hard to catch their beauty in the bottles, but on the nails its a different story. Nice to apply, streaks with the first coat, but after the second, they are just amazing. I applied three coats of each. Its said you can't use a top coat with Holographic Polish, as it makes it loose its holographic qualities, but I used Sally Hansen 30 second Insta-dri Top Coat, and it made no difference at all!! The Golden Rose Paris are not a strong holographic polish, but you can definitely see an effect. The ones by Perfect are a strong holographic polish.

 Golden Rose Paris 118, Perfect H5, H6, H8, H1.

Perfect H4, H3, H7, H2 and Golden Rose Paris 108. 
How awesome they look, and for the cheapest Holographic Polish I bought, even more of a bonus. Now I'm not normally one to leave my nails plain, but don't want to ruin these beauties ha ha. I may do a lace design on the tips, not sure yet. If I do I will post another photo, so keep checking back just in case. But for now I'll leave you with the video I took of them...

Would love to hear what you think of these nail polishes. Have you heard of Perfect, or even got any yourself?
Hope you all have a fab weekend. Thanks for reading :)