Friday 19 July 2013

A week of Nail 7


So today is the last day in my Week of Nail Art :( it's gone so quick, been very hectic, but I have enjoyed every nail art design I have done and I hope you have too, even those that went wrong because of a top coat!! Today's design is a favourite of mine, but before I go into what it is, I just want to say I know I don't like patches on my nails that have small splits in them, but oh boy I was so glad I did have the patch on my right thumb nail!! While food shopping this morning, I pick up a bottle of juice from the chiller cabinet and as I was putting it in the trolley, it slipped and the lid caught my thumb nail, it hurt so much that I dropped the bottle, and stood there looking at the nail to make sure it hadn't split anymore, was getting weird looks, but I didn't care lol. So I thank the patch for saving my nail, as I would have cried and left my shopping there to come home. Anyway enough of me waffling on, back to the last design of this week. A patchwork nail art, using Beauty UK Glam Nail Polish. I have done this design before, but I think is so awesome it had to be included in this week.

From left to right: Fucshia, Gobstopper, Bright Orange, Yellow Peril and Jelly Bean.

I wanted to try these nail polishes for this design, as they look so bright and wicked when I water marbled them. As always, I started by painting my nails with two coats of white polish, and then in random places of each nail, painted a spot of each colour. Then added tiny stitch marks with black acrylic paint and a thin detailing brush. Check out here if you want a more detailed tutorial on this design. If you do have a go, I would love to see your photos, feel free to post them on my Facebook Page. 

Just look how this Glam Nail Polish pops in the sun :) I'm so in love with these nail polishes, great job Beauty UK :) If you haven't got any of these I so recommend them. You can purchase them from Superdrug, who are doing a 3 for 2 and free delivery from their web site till the 30th July, or direct from Beauty UK. Well that's it the week is over, but I'll be back tomorrow with my normal Saturday nail art, so till then thank you so much for reading, and staying with me for this Week of Nail Art :)



  1. Wow so pretty and colorful!

    1. I love this design, I was sad to take it off lol, but so wanted to do the free hand roses today x