Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A week of Nail Art...day 4


For today's nail art, I have done an ombre sponge design with MUA polish, with a lace stamped print on top with black and white polish, using Konad and Cheeky Plates,  for a different effect. Out of all the designs I have done so far for my Week of Nail Art, these have to be my least favourite. It has nothing to do with the MUA polish, it was the top coat I used when I finished that smeared the stamping design, and you can see this more with the black lace print than the white. Now I would normally have taking this off and started again, but as I will be doing another design tomorrow, I will leave it on, although it will bug me so much!! Anyway I used a makeup sponge, and painted the polish on, then sponged it onto my nails, took four times of doing this to get a nice effect, but the polish dries very quickly. The top coat I normally use after I have done stamping on my nails, run out, so I thought I would try a different one. I normally use La Femme top coat, the one I used was by Maybelline. So least I know now. Time for photos....

Thinking on it now I wish I hadn't done the lace stamping, as The MUA polish looked awesome on its own, but if you don't try you don't know lol.
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment :) See you again tomorrow..


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