Monday 29 April 2013

Cheaper Stamping Polish

Cheaper Stamping Polish

Hi, so today Im going to review a cheaper stamping polish than the Konad. I have a few smaller bottle of the Konad, and have noticed that my bottle of Psyche Pink has got lighter over time. Anyway, I have used some of my normal polish for stamping, with not good results. Bought some Sally Hansen Intsa-Dri, and they stamp well, but I was still after a cheaper polish just for stamping. I came across a brand GCOCL, that comes with a stamping machine and plates, but I only wanted the polish as I have loads of nail plates, and didn't really see the point of the machine!
So after some digging on ebay, I found the polish alone. There are seven 10ml bottles, six colours and a top coat, and only cost me about £8.00 :)

As I had already done my nails, and loving the sparkle lol, I stamped each colour on black and white paper. Obviously the white paper looks better, but I was still pleased with the outcome on the black paper.

 As there are primary colours I'm planing on mixing two together to make other colours, and see how that stamps. Overall I'm very happy with these, not to thick, smell isn't overly strong, and a nice size bottle. If your after a cheaper stamping polish, I'd say give these a go, and let me know what you think about them :)



  1. Can you please tell me specifically which brand and plates you used for the splat effect? Link where you bought, if possible. I love this splatter effect. Thanks :)

  2. That's the reason I bought the stamping plate :) It's konad M21
    :) xx